Marion Coenen


My work originates in wonder. Driven by a restless curiosity about life, a philosophical interest in what it is all about, I keep trying over and over to come closer to the essences of being, being human, being in the world.

By manipulating parts from a recognizable everyday reality I try to uncover deeper meanings, to formulate questions in my images. The images then created offer the observer a perspective for contemplation, an invitation to contemplate his own existence.

I started drawing and writing at first, and gradually turned towards an attitude that 'anything goes' to seek my way. When working, I start out from a concept, without a written scenario, storyboard, or idea of the result whatsoever. Gradually the images keep evolving and eventually take shape. This process is one flow of being, thinking, formulating, deciding, becoming. In my work there is the notion of a continuous source from which a concept finds its way through a medium to take visual shape.

Some of my work is to be read as short narratives, some is designed to be presented as 'endless' moving. In some work process or experimental aspects are emphasized, and some is plain objects. I also like to present my work as an in situ installation specifically adapted to the location. All my work tends to have several layers of growing complexity in which the perceiver can read a meaning or merely enjoy.

Like the hemimetabola, the concepts can grow when deprived of their hide, which makes them most vulnerable to hostile impact. I keep working on these naked images, to find out how they can grow and take shape anew.